100 Books

Edward Hopper, Night Windows, 1928, Oil on Canvas

I have decided to write a list of the 100 books that I definitely want to read in the future. They are arranged alphabetically by writer’s name and I have tried to include quite a satisfying amount of titles, in order to get a picture of the writers’ work as complete as possible.

All of them are prose and what differentiates this list from most others is that there is quite a big number of plays in it. I personally find plays one of the most beautiful types of prose, because they successfully combine two of the main elements of novel-making: the immediacy found in dialogues with the outward expression of internal monologues.

Additionally, they all fall -more or less- into the category of “classic” books. However, the choices are not coincidental: I am familiar with the work of pretty much every author that is mentioned (and even if not directly, I have done my research and I am way too curious to discover it).

I have already read quite a few of them but some I intend to re-read, eventually.
Have you read any? Is any of them on your to read list?

I was thinking about creating a list of 100 films as well, what do you think?


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