New in!

I got the sweetest surprise, today!
This box full of goodies was sent to me by a beloved friend as a graduation and Christmas gift. Five amazing books in French that I can not wait to read (although I have already read Kafka’s Metamorphosis) and review. I can be nothing but grateful for having such a caring and giving person in my life and hope that, no matter how many miles apart we end up, we will always be there for one another.

Disclaimer: I try to read the original text in English and French, whenever possible. When it comes to the rest of the languages, I always prefer Greek translations.

  1. Kafka F. (1955), La Métamorphose, Paris: Gallimard
  2. Ionesco E. (1959), Rhinocéros, Paris: Gallimard
  3. Dumas A. (2000), Le Compte de Monte-Cristo Classiques abrégés, Paris: L’École des loisirs
  4. Bazin H. (1948), Vipère au poing, Paris: Le Livre de Poche
  5. Queneau (1959), Zazie dans le métro, Paris: Gallimard

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