Zvizdan (2015)

Zvizdan (2015)

Two people, three storylines, one love. Dalibor Matanic’s new film, Zvizdan, (English title: The High Sun) tells three consecutive love stories between a Serbian woman (Tihana Lazovic) and a Croatian man (Goran Markovic). The first takes place in 1991, when the war has just began, the second in 2001, when people are still haunted by their memories, and the third in 2011, when everyone has moved on with their lives.

Forbidden love, which has always been an inspiration for writers, composers and directors, is now being transferred to the big screen with war at its background. The film’s tension follows a reverse escalation, declining with each story, reflecting the tension felt by people themselves. Although this seemed like a disappointing choice at first, since I found the first narrative outstanding but my interest slowly faded out as the movie progressed, I later realised that it might be intentional.

Keeping the same two leads throughout all three stories was definitely a good choice, since both of them successfully portrayed every part. The film’s direction and photography were so good, that actually managed to cover some script-weaknesses. You can watch the trailer here.

Rating: ★★★★★★★★☆☆


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