Woman with Folded Arms – Pablo Picasso

Woman with Folded Arms (1901-02)
Pablo Picasso, Woman with Folded Arms, 1901-02, Oil on Canvas

“Ultimately, all arts come to the same conclusion: we can describe a painting with words, as we can paint feelings within a poem. Blue -what’s the meaning of blue? There are thousands states that we call “blue”. We can talk about the blue of a pack of “Galoises”… in this case we can say that somebody’s eyes are of “Galoises” blue colour or, instead, we can say that a steak is blue, when in fact it’s red, as we do in Paris. That’s what I used to do when I’d try to write poetry.”

Reference book: PICASSO P., (2002), Σκέψεις για την Τέχνη, Athens: Printa (Picasso’s Thoughts on Art, translated from Greek into English by me)


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