The Black Monk & The Death of Ivan Ilyich

Chekhov A. (1894), The Black Monk, Athens: Roes
Tolstoy L. (1886), The Death of Ivan Ilyich, Athens: Roes

Well, my Instagram page is here to mock me, since I posted this picture 19 weeks ago, when I was currently reading these two little books! 19 weeks, that’s how long it’s taken me to finally write a few words about these stories and I am kind of ashamed, because I did enjoy them, I would suggest them to everyone who’d like to see Chekhov’s or Tolstoy’s views on life and death and I should have done it way sooner. I had to reread my notes and spend a serious amount of timing to write this review but what’s done is done.

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One hundred years of solitude & Love in the time of cholera


Márquez G.G. (1967), One hundred years of Solitude, Athens: Α.Α. Livani
Márquez G.G. (1985) , Love in the time of cholera, Athens: Α.Α. Livani
Both translated by: Klaeti Sotiriadou Barajas

A couple of months ago I read Márquez for the first time, more specifically it was his novel “Chronicle of a death foretold”. I enjoyed it oh, so much, that it was my suggestion for cocooning cat’s list of our Greek bookish community’s 17 summer books. I liked it so much, that I couldn’t wait to find the time to read those two novels, because I wanted to completely devote myself to them and enjoy them while at home, in bed, during one of those crazy hot Athenian days.

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