La Tortue Rouge (2016)


I watched The Red Turtle a few days before 2016 ended (and still this wasn’t the last film that I watched, since we also went to “I, Daniel Blake” on New Year’s Eve, but we’ll talk about that another time). It was sweetjaneeyre who advised me to go and I’m more than thankful to her for doing so!

A co-production of Studio Ghibli, Wild Bunch and Why Not Productions, this French-Belgian-Japanese animation by Dutch-British director Michael Dudok de Wit was awarded the Prix spécial Un Certain Regard, at the Cannes’ Festival 2016. It doesn’t come as a shock since this film, multicultural as it is, can “speak” in a universal language, without saying a word.

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“…style is not the clothes you wear.
Style is acceptance of yourself and others,
It is immaterial,
It is your spirit,
It’s What’s Underneath.”

That’s how most videos of the  What’s Underneath Project series begin, giving the viewer a rough idea of what’s about to follow. This series was created by two women, Elisa Goodkind and Lily Mandelbaum mother and daughter, who decided back in 2009 to differentiate themselves from the prevailing fashion and beauty industries and redefine style by StyleLikeU.

Their mission?

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A trip to Sofia, Bulgaria

I think I love travel posts almost as much as travelling itself, both for reliving the experience and for sharing it!

Lets get to the point: from Nov 16 to Nov 20 me and my bf visited Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria. About a month ago I was looking for cheap flights for this period, since I already knew that my uni classes would be cancelled, and a trip to Sofia seemed to be the perfect opportunity: great travel schedule, amazing prices and a beautiful city waiting to be discovered!

Day 1, Nov 16

We left home early in the morning, since our flight was at 9 am. Although nobody enjoys an early wake, this meant we’d have a whole day in front of us to stroll around…

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Bridge and Houses on the Corner of Herengracht-Prinsessegracht – Vincent van Gogh

Bridge and Houses on the Corner of Herengracht-Prinsessegracht
Vincent van Gogh, Bridge and Houses on the Corner of Herengracht-Prinsessegracht, 1882, Pencil, Ink and Watercolour on Paper

The Hague, March 1882

In 1880, Theo van Gogh was the only member of the family that supported Vincent’s decision to devote his life to Art. He would send him money for his everyday needs so that Vincent could spend his time studying and copying works made by his favourite painters, such as Jean François Millet, and gain a better understanding of rules of proportion and perspective in painting. After quite a few travels to Hague, where he worked at Anton Mauve’s studio (a leading representative of the School of Hague), Vincent settled in the city during winter of 1881. He mostly draw on paper themes inspired by the working class.

Reference book: BRUG A. (2004), van Gogh, Munich: Prestel