Top 10 Films Watched in 2016 (Pt.2)

5. Nostalgia de la Luz (2010) by Patricio Guzmán [9/10]
4. El Botón de Nácar (2015) by Patricio Guzmán [9/10]
3. Ladri di biciclette (1948) by Vittorio de Sica [9/10]
2. Rope (1948) by Alfred Hitchcock [10/10]
1. The Third Man by Orson Welles [10/10]


Rear Window (1954)

rearwindowHitchcock’s Rear Window, one of his most famous and, generally accepted, greatest films narrates a small segment of a photojournalist’s life, Jeff, who’s forced to use a wheelchair due to a broken leg. Unable to work and sustain the vigorous lifestyle he used to have up until the accident occurred, he begins observing his neighbours from the rear window. Suddenly, there comes a moment when he realises that in the house across the street, there’s been a murder…

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Rebecca (1940)

Rebecca (1940)

I chose “Rebecca” as the first film of 2016 (out of my 100-must-see films) since I have really enjoyed watching Hitchcock’s films over the past few years and I am really fond of some of his works.

A young, inexperienced girl (Joan Fontaine) meets at Monte Carlo a rich widower, the descendant of an aristocratic family, Maxim de Winter (Lawrence Olivier). They fall madly in love, get married shortly after and move at his mansion. Apart from the servants, it seems that in his house still lives the imposing personality of late Mrs. de Winter, through objects that bear the ornate “R” and dramatised narrations of her loyal maid.

While the mystery’s solution is undeniably masterful and some other elements (such as the concealment of the second Mrs. de Winter’s real name, or the fact that we never actually see Rebecca) create a mysterious atmosphere, it’s an extremely slow-paced film. Additionally, the portrayal of women as either too naive or ruthless, affected both my judgement and rating.

Rating: ★★★★★★★☆☆☆